Steph has over 10 years of freelance editing experience, from blog posts to books, both fiction and nonfiction.

The greatest compliment she has received is this: “It sounds just like me … only better.”

Proofreading (checking punctuation, spelling, and grammar)

$0.005-0.01 USD per word (minimum $10)

Line Editing (proofreading plus checking for consistency, best word choice, sentence structure, consistent verb tense, appropriate paragraph and sentence length, cliches, unnecessary modifiers, repeated words and phrases, point of view issues)

$0.01-0.04 USD per word (minimum $15)

Content Editing (checking for text organization, transitions, readability, style issues, language fit to audience, development of ideas, paragraph and chapter arrangement, section headers, focus, identification of missing source information, verification of Bible text and references of quoted scriptures) (in-depth look at point of view) (does not include proofreading or line editing)

$0.015-0.05 USD per word (minimum $20)

Comprehensive Editing (proofreading, line editing, and content editing)

$0.025-0.08 USD per word (minimum $25)

Need an editor on a regular basis? Consider hiring me on retainer. For a minimum of $100 USD worth of prepaid editing each month, you will receive a 10 percent discount.

FREE one-page (to 500-word) example available to all new clients.

Please note: Steph does not do academic editing.

Contact Steph at nurtureandinspire@gmail.com for further information.