I’m so glad you’re here. I trust you will be nurtured and inspired as you explore this website.

Be Nurtured and Inspired

Could you use some encouragement? Someone to come alongside you? A friendly voice out here in cyberspace?

I trust you will find these things with each page you explore and each blog post you read.

My aim is to nurture and inspire others in all that I do … at home, in the community, and out here in cyberspace.

Who Am I?

Freelance editor who loves to hear, “It sounds just like me … only better.”

Author and creator of upcoming books, courses, and merchandise to nurture and inspire.

Coauthor of the award-winning Living Beyond My Circumstances. Blogger. Birth doula. Photographer. Intern to bestselling author Kathi Lipp. As you can tell, I’m eclectically interested and eclectically involved. Still, it’s my goal to build others up wherever I go and whatever I do.

A wife of over 35 years, mother to three grown children, and mother-in-law to one. (My second son recently became engaged. So, I will be gaining a second daughter-in-law within the year. Forgive me while I do a happy dance.) I live with my hubby in Ontario, Canada, and love to travel.



Has 2020 met your expectations? Wait! Don’t toss something at the computer screen. Of course, the answer is a resounding NO WAY! There may have been a relatively small number of people who saw this coming, but I’m sure you and I weren’t among them. It’s hard when a family member or friend doesn’t meet …


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This year we’ve all had to learn some survival techniques. Here are *** techniques to equip your soul for survival.

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These 12 tips will boost your confidence and could, potentially, save you money.

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Me? A writer? No way! You may be surprised. Here are 6 ways to express yourself with the written word, many of which you are likely doing already. 

Should I Hire a Doula?

“You saved my husband’s sanity.”

Not all the comments I’ve receive from clients are that dramatic, but it assures me that my presence at a birth has definite benefits beyond what I read in books and case studies.

If you’re expecting, or know someone who is, this list of reasons you may want to hire a doula could make a big difference to your birth experience.

(Note: Birth doulas provide information and attend your baby’s birth. They offer physical and emotional comfort measures. They do not, however, offer medical advice, prescribe or administer medication, or perform medical procedures.)