I’m so glad you’re here. I trust you will be nurtured and inspired as you explore this website.

Be Nurtured and Inspired

Could you use some encouragement? Someone to come alongside you? A friendly voice out here in cyberspace?

With each page you explore and each blog post you read, I trust you will be nurtured and inspired.

Because this is my aim in all I do, I trust many of you will be nurtured and inspired by the series of books I’m working on as well. The first, Nurture and Inspire Love, which I intend to launch later this year, was inspired by devotionals I wrote for HopeStreamRadio.

Who Am I?

Author of the Nurture and Inspire series of books, the first of which,  Nurture and Inspire Love, is scheduled for release in 2019. Other volumes will include Nurture and Inspire Family Life, Nurture and Inspire a Spiritual Perspective, Nurture and Inspire Writing, and others.

Coauthor of the award-winning Living Beyond My Circumstances. Blogger. Birth doula. Office administrator. Church custodian. Among other things. As you can tell, I am eclectically interested and eclectically involved. Still, it is my goal to nurture and inspire wherever I go and whatever I do.

I am a wife of over 35 years, mother to three grown children, and mother-in-law to one. My hubby and I live in Ontario, Canada, and love to travel.



Feel free to email me at nurtureandinspire@gmail.com